Case Study

Unmatched efficiency and biogas yield potential

Immediate benefits & results

Middlebury Indiana Anaerobic Digestion facility

Initial Installation

The Valkyrie Monitoring System was added to the Middlebury food waste digester project one year ago. Its continual success in avoiding costly facility shutdowns and fine-tuning operations has shown the technology is integral for the future of anaerobic digestion stability and profitability. The system provided the facility with the capability to monitor the health and stability of their digester 24/7 and in real-time.

Unrivaled benefits

Valkyrie not only identified and alerted the Middlebury facility of several potential digester upset hazards but also demonstrated a significant increase in biogas production. Even though it is a single-point system, Valkyrie has helped the Middlebury facility avoid multiple foaming conditions in the AD system while more than doubling energy production from  5600 kilowatts of energy per day to 18,000.


Our results at a glance

What full potential looks like

Within the first month of installation and strict adherence to Valkyrie Analytic’s consultant guidance, the Middlebury, Indiana, anaerobic digestion facility was able to increase production in nearly all measurable metrics. 

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KWh Increase
0 %
Biogas Yield Increase
0 %
Daily Revenue @ $0.12 per kW Increase

One Year In The Making

How Valkyrie Continues to succeed

It’s been one year since initial installation, and the overwhelming results of Valkyrie’s success at the Middlebury facility have shown just a small portion of how impactful the Valkyrie system will be in the anaerobic digestion industry. 

Complete feedstock monitoring with real-time carbon accounting, full analytical services, and laboratory testing of everything you need and want, providing you with expert advice and key biological support, stabilizing your operations, and preventing costly downtimes due to biological issues. This is the Valkyrie guarantee. Read the full report and testimonial.

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Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reporting allow you to track your digester’s progress over time.

Data Collection

Live data collection of over 15 different parameters provides a to-the-minute image of your digester’s health.

Proactive Consulting

Proactive 30-minute response time from our consultants to allow on-site staff the opportunity to correct issues

Unmatched Protection

Minimize system downtime, eliminate foaming upsets, and lower H2S production. Valkyrie safeguards your system from potential hazards.

Real-Time Difference

Zero field maintenance, 24/7 call center, automated alerting, Identify failures before they occur, and reduce laboratory expenses

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