Revolutionizing system health

Leveraging commercially available near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to monitor continuous, real-time, in situ measurements of organic liquid stream parameters specific to anaerobic digestion systems.

Unparallelled benefits

Why Buchi?

The only NIR instrument on the market that can tolerate total solids ranging from 0.5% to 40%​ and one of few NIR instrument vendors that allow the client to own their data.

instrumentation specifics

The Buchi system can be configured for multi-point measurements, depending on the application, via fiber-optic connections. The collected data is then compiled and transmitted through a remote communications terminal using smart 3G/4G/ADSL services to a cloud server for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Fast. Easy. Profitable.


Data to-the-second

The Buchi NIR system offers fast and accurate data regarding your system’s critical biological outputs, offering you maximum efficiency and production from your anaerobic digestion system. 


Simple & Adaptable Installation

Buchi has various mounting accessories and equipment modifications designed for every facility’s unique needs, making installation straightforward and accommodating to your specifications.


Speedy ROI

Estimated at an average of less than one year for returns on your investment, the NIR technology offers you the most cost-effective solution for maintaining your anaerobic digestion facility and garnering optimal levels for increased profitability.

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