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The Valkyrie System

24/7 Real-Time Biological Monitoring Solution

Designed to improve plant efficiency and operational uptime.

The Valkyrie monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of your digester’s biological health. Like its namesake from Norse mythology, our Valkyrie is always watching over your system, ready to protect you from unknown threats.

24/7 Real-time Complete Biological Monitoring | Maintaining Biological Stability | Optimizing Productivity | Eliminating Unexpected Downtime | Increased Biogas Flow and Quality

How does Valkyrie work? 

  • Valkyrie’s high-level monitoring discovers potential upsets before they happen.
  • Testing takes thousands of data samples every hour vs. traditional methods that take two data samples a day. 
  • Valkyrie replaces expensive costs; staff training and traditional laboratory costs.

Valkyrie Delivers: 

  • 24/7 Live data collection providing “to-the-second” images of your digester’s health 
  • Automated alerts and on-call experts so you avoid unexpected and  expensive shutdowns
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting so you can track your digester’s progress over time 
  • Increased biogas revenues and fewer upsets 

Don’t Wait! MAXIMIZE your revenue and AVOID digester upsets!

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Authorized Distributor, Valkyrie Analytics