Anaerobic Digestion Optimized

Laboratory At Your Fingertips

  • Your biological laboratory in real-time
  • Zero field maintenance
  • Valkyrie staff on call 24/7
  • Automated alerting
  • Allows operators to see and prevent failures before they can occur

Unmatched Protection

  • Minimize system downtime
  • Eliminate foaming upsets
  • Lower H2S production
  • Reduce laboratory expenses
  • Increase process transparency

Energy Production (kW)

*Actual results achieved at Valkyrie’s initial commercial site

Real-time difference

Real-time data provides the process transparency your staff requires to maintain optimal performance. Valkyrie provides the training and support — your staff does the rest.


The Valkyrie system can apply expert operational skills on every digester across the planet, bypassing the need for highly trained, experienced onsite operators. Valkyrie’s Software solution allows the scientific knowledge of Digester Doc to be applied to every AD system. The combined experience of Digester Doc’s team is the bedrock of Valkyrie, but the future lies in machine learning. With the significant data measurement system already implemented, Valkyrie will be able to further reduce unexpected downtime, enhance yields, and also offset the need for so many highly skilled operators. 

Valkyrie is able to monitor over 1,400 times more data per day than traditional methods. Applying our algorithms to this data provides AD systems with an unrivaled safeguard against upsets. Through this process, Valkyrie will develop Artificial Intelligence that will reduce the need for skilled digester operators. 

The Valkyrie monitoring system allows for 24/7 real-time surveillance of the biological stability and production of your facility in the palm of your hands.

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Continuous delivery of real-time critical biological process data
  • Automated push alerts flagging when process conditions stray from optimal values
  • On-demand data historian & reporting
  • Data hosted in a secure cloud environment
  • Turn-key installation setup & calibration
  • No upfront investment

A Global Solution

Valkyrie is the first and only analytical solution for anaerobic digestion stability and production. Any anaerobic digester or biogas system can benefit from the unlimited access to real-time data that the Valkyrie monitoring system provides. All organic-based feedstocks from low solids to high solids can be analyzed with this instrumentation. This allows for reduced downtime of your system and the ability to avoid biological upsets. Valkyrie slashes operational costs and diverts staffing needs to eliminate redundancies in your facility. 

The client portal allows facility operators and managers to access AD biological data whenever and wherever.

Our Team

Will Charlton


Carl Hinchman

chief analytical officer

Charles Jones

Operations Manager

Unmatched monitoring

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reporting allow you to track your digester’s progress over time.

Live data collection of over 15 different parameters provides a to-the-minute image of your digester’s health.

  • COD 
  • BOD 
  • TS 
  • VS 
  • TSS 
  • TDS 
  • Alkalinity 
  • VFA 
  • Chlorine 
  • Acetic Acid 
  • TKN 
  • Total Phosphate 
  • Total Potassium 
  • TOC 
  • pH 
  • Temperature 
  • FOS-TAC 
  • Energy Potential 
*Additional parameters added periodically (no hardware updates necessary) 

Proactive 30-minute response time from our consultants to allow on-site staff the opportunity to correct issues before they develop into problems.

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