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Why Our partnership with Digster Doc sets us apart

Experience Matters

Digester Doc has over forty years of experience in the anaerobic digester industry among our staff. Their primary focus is improving anaerobic digestion sustainability through scientific advancement, where we’re on the cutting edge of research and development. Digester Doc prides itself as the only full-service AD consultation lab with experience in every aspect of the anaerobic digestion industry.

Get the job done right

Having worked with clients both large and small, Digester Doc has the solutions to fit every digester operation. Their team of seasoned professionals has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. By identifying ongoing challenges the industry faces, consulting on appropriate project design, and working to develop lasting solutions through scientific understanding, technology, and innovation.

Digester Doc's Strong Points

Digester Doc offers the missing key to enhancing your facility; a deeper understanding of biology. Their ultimate goal is to create a complete account of the biological needs within digester systems and unlock the true potential of the anaerobic digestion process to avoid the need for shutdowns.

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How this relates to Valkyrie

Applying Digester Doc’s expertise, expansive knowledge, and novel solutions for every anaerobic digester challenge to our Valkyrie systems ensures peace of mind for our customers. Digester Doc created our proprietary library of calibration curves to precisely translate output analytics into measurements of key process parameters specific to AD systems.

With industry innovators and leaders backing and developing our cutting-edge analytical tool, the long-term health and profitability of your system is viable.

Innovators. Leaders. Collaborators.

Digester Doc's Team of Professionals

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Kurt Christensen

Vice President

Amy Hall

Director of Sciences

Charles Jones

Director of Operations

Max Badesheim

Director of Project Development

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